Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Annie's desk

Ms. Myelin: "Hello?"

Annie: "Hi, this is Annie, at Dr. Grumpy's office."

Ms. Myelin: "Oh, good. Did you order my new MS pens?"

Annie: "No, I just got off the phone with your insurance, and they won't replace pens that are damaged that way."

Ms. Myelin: "That's what they told me, too!"

Annie: "You called them yourself?"

Ms. Myelin: "Yes, I figured you'd just ignore me. Do you have any idea how long they made me sit on hold?"

Annie: "Um, yeah."

Ms. Myelin: "This is ridiculous. I need this medication, and my insurance company won't give it to me, even though it's been authorized and I've paid all my premiums."

Annie: "Well, you get a limited number of pens a year, and that's what they've given you. You broke 4 of them using them for something they weren't designed for."

Ms. Myelin: "Like it's my fault they put such a cheapshit needle on that it broke."

 Annie: "I..."

Ms. Myelin: "Can't you tell them that they were defective? Or that I broke them defending myself from a burglar or something?"

Annie: "I need to point out here that you called them before me, and told them the real story."

Ms. Myelin: "I didn't think they'd be such uncaring assholes. Whatever happened to 'honesty is the best policy'? I'm pretty sure the insurance phone bitch was laughing at me."

Annie: "Well, at this point the only way you can get them replaced is to pay cash."

Ms. Myelin: "WHAT? Do you have any idea how much this costs? It's $1200 for each of their crappy pens."

Annie: "There's really nothing else I can do"

Ms. Myelin: "Can Dr. Grumpy pay for them? He's the one who prescribed it, after all. I just took his advice."

Annie: "No. Maybe you should ask Ashley and Amy for help?"

Ms. Myelin: "I'd never ask my friends to do that for me."


Moose said...

What I can't figure out is - honestly - how the needles broke just from going through (I've been assuming) the mushy part of the ear.

I mean, I stick insulin needles (whether attached to a syringe or a pen) in me on a regular basis and over 20+ years, the number of needles that have broken on me while using them... It happens -maybe- once a year.

Unless they were poking at cartilage I just can't see how she managed to break the needles -- unless they really ARE crappy.

Martin said...

My guess is they were trying to pierce the upper part of the ear (the helix) or the concha, both of which are mainly cartilage. Those are popular sites for additional piercings.

Anonymous said...

I believe these pens are autoinjectors

Packer said...

I can not read this stuff anymore, it makes me fear for the future of our way of life, and I am not afraid of anything, and I mean that literally. So the only suggestion I would have for the dipshit is that she use the needles the next time to do self tattoos instead of piercings.

evodevo said...

Is one of the symptoms of MS creeping stoopidity? I can't imagine anyone actually being this clueless ... oh, wait, I can.... it's America ...

Olivia said...

How did she break the needles? I can't see anywhere in this story where it says how she broke them....I'm assuming Annie knows, since she says Ms. Myelin told insurance the real story.....

Olivia said...

Never mind....just read the previous post....idiot.

Neil Young said...

I've seen the needle and the damage done...

Crazy RxMan said...

This lady is a perfect example of the entitlement attitude prevalent in our nation. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Anonymous said...

Oooh the saga continues...

*gets popcorn*

Migraineur said...

I'm going to go with anonymous at 10:35 5/10. If they Siri inject like my immitrex does (migraine med), than in order to get the needles to poke out enough to stick somebody, her friend's ears got a dose of med per earring. What happened the idiots using ice and a safety pin?

Anonymous said...

If these are an autoinjector, what did they do to get rid of the drug before sticking it in their ear? Does it need pressure to release the drug? Or did they release the injection, let the medication drip out, then tried to pierce their ears? Like someone said did they try to pierce cartilage which was too hard for the needle and bent it?
Or did they accidentally release the button and the needle went back in and they called it broken because it wouldn't inject again?

I think that the latter might be the more likely reason, they tried to pierce their ear and couldn't and then couldn't use the needle again.

Before you prescribe the medication again, I would call her into the office and ask specifically what she did to break them, because of severe curiosity. Then give her some base rules about medication use and what you need her to do from now on.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe you could prescribe Tysabri, Lemtrada or Ocrevus and let an RN do an IV. NO ears would ever be pierced. LOVED the Neil Young reference. Epic and hilarious.

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