Monday, January 16, 2017


Cleaning out a drawer, I found a late 80's list of songs my medical school roommate (Enzyme) and I wrote down for a year-end party. They summarized our thoughts at the time on med school.

So today I'm sharing them with you:

"Up All Night" - The Boomtown Rats

"Land of Confusion" - Genesis

"Come Monday" (There's a pathology test) - Jimmy Buffet

"Pressure" - Billy Joel

"Life is Shit" - The Dead Milkmen

"Why We Pray" - M.C. Hammer 

"Hell Hole" - Spinal Tap

"I Wanna be Sedated" - The Ramones

"Wipeout" - The Surfaris

"19th Nervous Breakdown" - The Rolling Stones

"One of These Days" (dedicated to a specific pathology professor) - Pink Floyd

"Help!" - The Beatles


Packer said...

Scare you to death, work you to death , bore you to death.... American Professional Graduate School.

stacey said...

Ahhhh mix tapes...

Zed said...

This is a summary of the day I just had

Me said...

The Dead Milkmen?

Moose said...

The number of these that are still on my current playlists is disturbingly high.

Anonymous said...

Hehe Moose. The names of bands that I recognize compared to the names of groups my son listens to is disturbing as well.

Anonymous said...

Ha. As it happens the Beatles "help" often gets in my head looking down a microscope during path/histo, and while I know none of the rest, their titles alone are a pretty fair summary of studying medicine!!!!

Anonymous said...

What? No "Mission: Impossible"?

Cape Cod Step-Mom said...

Awesome band. Most famously known for Bitchin Camero

Envy said...

Punk Rock Girl!

Shash said...

Some great choices in there!

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