Monday, June 20, 2016


Annie: "Dr. Gumpy's office, this is Annie."

Ms. Panic: "I need refills on all my meds! I just realized I'm out!"

Annie: "Okay... hang on... Looks like we have you on 3 of them. You need all 3?"

Ms. Panic: "YES! I'm all out!"

Annie: "Our schedule shows you have an appointment tomorrow?"

Ms. Panic: "I know! I'll be there! But please call these in now, I'M ALL OUT!!!"

Annie: "Okay, will do."

The next day...

Dr. Grumpy: "How you doing?"

Ms. Panic: "A lot better since I was last here! Thank you."

Dr. Grumpy: "Annie called in your refills yesterday. I guess you were out?"

Ms. Panic: "Yeah, I ran out a week or two ago."

Dr. Grumpy: "A week or two ago? Did you get them yesterday?"

Ms. Panic: "No, I decided not to. I don't think I really need them anymore."


Anonymous said...

Does Mary need them now?

Anonymous said...

This is why your pharmacy hates you. Dr's office calls in 3 scripts and relays that patient is completely out and is freaking out about it. We drop everything to get them ready and a week later, they are still in the pick up bin.

Packer said...

Off her meds notify the authorities.

I was told that I would take maintenance meds for an autoimmune illness for the rest of my life. I resigned myself to this, as I never wanted a relapse as I had been deathly ill for 9 months prior to remission. I joined a group of fellow travelers and it is amazing to me how many decide to forego meds as no longer needed and then blame medical care for the inevitable relapse.

Anonymous said...

The usual thing that happens in my office is that you call in the meds, then the patient no-shows for the appointment.

Ivan Ilyich said...

Packer, relapse without that drug is not inevitable, but the neurologist should make the call.

Zed said...

She suddenly doesn't need all three any more?

shrillr said...

FFS, just ffs

stacey said...

FFS=Feet First Supine? (CT/MR Dicom tag for patient position).

Yea yea...

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