Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another round for my staff

Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mrs. Lost: "Hi, I'm here at the pharmacy, and my prescription isn't ready."

Annie: "Really? I called it in last night. You're at the Walgreen's, at 5th & Hamilton?"

Mrs. Lost: "I think so."

In background:

Mrs. Lost: "Hey, is this the Walgreen's on 5th and Hamilton?"

Male voice: "No, this is the CVS at 5th & Hamilton. The Walgreen's is across the street."

Mrs. Lost: "No, it's not here."

Annie: "Well, didn't I just hear someone tell you it's at the store across the street? You're in the wrong drugstore."

Mrs. Lost: "I guess so. Can you call and tell them to have someone carry it over here?"

Annie: "No. You'll need to go get it. You're in the wrong store."

Mrs. Lost: "But it might start snowing any minute now. I saw that on the weather."

Annie: "You can drive across the street."

Mrs. Lost: "But then I have to walk to my car."

Annie: "How far away is your car?"

Mrs. Lost: "It's at the Walgreen's across the street. The CVS didn't have any open parking spaces."


stacey said...

I am convinced that you are living in California.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Lost is right, she shouldn't be driving... :)

Anonymous said...

Aricept 23mg. for when 20mg just isn't enough.

BizzyMomma said...

LOVE that anon 7:17am!!! I may start using that line

Packer said...

Is Rite Aid on the other corner ?
I found this entire story to be depressing beyond belief. Depressing in the sense that this person is so hapless as to be unable to negotiate this simple transaction of life. Is it age, illness or lack of intellect, is this the ignominious end we all fear.

Powers said...

Well now we know what Mrs. Lost is on medication prescribed by a neurologist. I'm not sure she should be driving, though.

Zed said...

This has to be made up, if only to salvage my faith in humanity. Too funny!
The Medic Mind

mary said...

Yep, this one made me literally slap my forehead. Geeezzz!

Unknown said...

Hey, I think there was a sighting here as well:

Anonymous said...

My wife worked as a Pharmacy Tech for a while at a Target in Phoenix...same thing. Customer came up and asked if she could call the Walgreens down the street and have them bring the script to Target. Insanity runs rampant through the masses.


OldRPh said...

Dr G -
If you hurry you should have time to call Walgreens and raise the dose.

Anonymous said...

Time to pad Annie's desk so she can bang her head more comfortably.

Anonymous said...

This makes the top of my head twitch. What am I for tomorrow? I just have one day off this week.

evodevo said...

I'm a mail carrier ... sounds just like several of my customers !! (And then they trash the Post Office for whatever gripe they had...)

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