Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Nurse B writes:

I work on a telemetry floor. As long as I've been there, they've had a board called "Look Who's Coming to Tele." The original idea, I guess, was that when a new nurse was hired they'd put up their picture with some fun facts about them so people could get to know them.

Apparently, a supervisor got tired of doing this, so at some point just taped up a few random pics and forgot about it. She went on to another job, and either took the key to the display cabinet with her, or someone lost it, or whatever. Anyway, no one has been able to open the display for at least 10 years. This isn't a big deal, since it isn't needed for anything. Important nursing memos are put up in a more time-honored place: the bathroom.

As a result, people have generally ignored the display for years. One of those things that gets filtered out, even if you walk by it repeatedly at work.

Yesterday, for no real reason, I stopped and looked at it. And began giggling.

I think it's time someone gets the case opened to change the pictures.

Thank you, Nurse B!


Packer said...

Call engineering dept, they either have another key or they have a portable battery powered 20 volt lithium ion DeWalt drill that will handle the cheap cylinder in no time at all, I am surprised , however, that Chuck Norris has not figured out how to escape the cabinet after all this time.

Anonymous said...

Whats on the tele?
Looks like a penguin.
Whats a penguin doing on the tele?
I hope it doesn't lay an egg.

Officer Cynical said...

You would never take Chuck Norris's picture down. Never.

Packer said...

I forgot to mention that I bet the nurses all like the idea that Bill Cosby is giving them a tip of the hat.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cookie Monster, you might want to check what's in that cookie you're eating...

Tsunoba said...

Oh, intercourse the penguin!

Anonymous said...

Chuck Norris changes your picture.

Jono said...

Chuck Norris? Who's she?

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