Friday, November 15, 2013


Dr. Grumpy: "Do you have any past medical issues?"

Mr. Vague: "They told me I ruptured something or another, somewhere in my body, sometime in the last 10 years. You know what I mean?"


Julie said...

Obviously it wasn't that major ... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Not an aortic aneurysm I guess.

Packer said...

Nurse hand me my cattle prod we have some searching to do.

Who is this "they" ?

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me...I am a horrible receptionist. Really. Horrible.

However, as an executive admin I had to relieve our receptionist at lunch from time to time when I worked for Major Retailer at their HQ.

This is how the phone exchanges went every time:

ME: Thank you for calling MR, how may I direct your call?

CALLER: Is Mr. Bigshot there?

ME: May I ask who's calling?

CALLER: Mr. Biggershot

ME: One moment,please.

Then, I'd hit the "HOLD" button and everything that just took place would disappear from my brain.

Sometimes, I had to go back to the caller 2-3 times before I'd retain the information long enough to transfer the call to the right person.

So, in the case of Mr. Vague...maybe he's a receptionist, IRL?

Anonymous said...

Inside? Maybe, inside outside? Portside home?

Crazy RxMan said...

Wouldn't a skilled neurologist know what he's referring to?

bobbie said...

Ummm ~ not really!

Laura said...

I started out as just data entry and filing at my job now, but at some point someone decided it would be a brilliant idea for me to answer phones as well. That is similar to how well I usually do. Except I also have some level of social anxiety so I'm not really willing to go back and ask them again so my pages usually end up going like this..
Me: "Someone is calling for you on line 1"
Boss: "Who?"
Me: "I don't remember. Bowser? Browser? Something like that"
Boss: "Well what were they calling about?"
Me: "I don't know. I didn't ask"
And then he takes the call.
And sometimes he pages me back after the call is finished to tell me how badly I messed up the name.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I want to ask my patients, "Weren't you there?" 'Cause it seems like some of them weren't, based on what they can tell me about what happened, even if they were fully conscious and aware at the time.

Anonymous said...

..."It should be in my records. I think I had it done at a hospital across the country."

Anonymous said...

You don't know? And you call yourself a professional? ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Absolutely! I'm very familiar with the something-or-another. It's a very important organ."

Yogi said...

Sorry, but the fact that you don't write down the person's name, check the spelling etc. KNOWING that you have a problem with it, makes me certain you are just as happy to have everyone know that you "just can't do reception."

I had an employee like that once. For a while.

Holly said...

I'm an RN and used to pass out meds to an inmate crew at the local jail. A new inmate wants to talk to me about his bedtime meds.

Mr. Inmate: Hey, can you get it approved through the jail doc that I used to take this one pill every night for something and I need one tonight.

Me: Do you know the name of the pill?

Mr. Inmate: Not off hand. It was white and round. Kinda oblong. Not big but not little.

Me: Who prescribed this medication and what was it for?

Mr. Inmate: I got it from a clinic in Boston. I'm not sure why I was taking it.

Me: Well, we live in Idaho. Do you know the name of the clinic?

Mr. Inmate: Not off hand. Can't you just call a clinic in Boston and find out what the pill was?

Me: You want me to call ALL the clinics in Boston to see if by chance they remember you and what you take?

Mr. Inmate: Is that too much to ask?

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