Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mary's Desk, March, 2013

Guy comes in, stands at counter, obviously angry.

Mary: "Can I help you, sir?"

Angry Guy: "Yes! I demand to speak to the doctor!"

Mary: "Okay, he's with a patient right now. What is this about?"

Angry Guy: "My wife saw him yesterday, and she says he told her she was fat!"

Mary: "WHAT? Sir, I've worked for Dr. Grumpy for 10 years, and he's never said anything like that to a patient."

Angry Guy: "Are you calling my wife a liar?"

Mary: "No, but I know Dr. Grumpy, and he isn't like that!"

Angry Guy: "Well, you're wrong! She even brought his card home!" (waves card in air)

Mary: "Uh, that card is for Dr. Frazzle. He's the neurologist down on the 2nd floor."

Long pause

Mr. Angry: "Well, all you neurologists are the same, and your doctor should still know better!"

(storms out, slams door)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you haven't noticed that your darling wife has put on a few pounds because you can't even read the sign on the door that says, I.B. Grumpy. You idjits are all alike.

Jono said...

And let that be a lesson to you!

skidmark said...

Look, the economy is in the tank. Most folks are considering, if not actually working that second job. Ibee is just like the rest of us working shlubs - trying to figure out how to afford that next vacation for Craig's hair.

He's figured out that if he moves down a flight or two he can open up a new office undrr a different name and pull in twice the insurance co-pays. If he does it right, he may even fund the Diet Coke budget for the rest of the year. Plus, he now has a new place to try and hide from Dr. Prissy and Dr. Hospital.

Go, Dr. Grumpy!

stay safe.

Packer said...

Packers training for Dr. Frazzle who must be a bachelor:

1.Does this make me look fat?

2.Pregnant pause for brain to sort through myriad responses....

3.No, not at all , why I think you look great.

End of lesson for today.

Anonymous said...

Um they're not.

Dr. Frazzle doesn't know the cure for Alzheimer's disease. So :P

a.generic doc said...

So, you're now considered a generic doc, too!

Anonymous said...

Did Mary run after the man with a prescription for an optometrist?

Ivan Ilyich said...

It seems that neurologists might have a legitimate reason to be concerned about obesity:

"Obesity and peripheral neuropathy risk: a dangerous liaison"

Moose said...

Were you wearing your black and white generic clothing again?

You know, the one that says DOCTOR across the back.

gin4407 said...

That story was "phat"!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about what really happened with Dr Frazzle. Was he trying to give relevant medical advice or is he just a jerk?
You're lucky to have a loyal employee like Mary to defend you.

Anonymous said...

If I was Mary I would certainly have said "sir, I know nothing about your wife be called fat, but clearly you are a fat head!" The world is clearly getting more strange!

Murr Brewster said...

Aw. And if neurologists don't have feelings, what hope is there for the rest of us?

bunkywise said...

More advice...never ask a woman if she is pregnant unless you actually see a baby emerging from her body. That one will bite you, too.

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