Sunday, March 1, 2009

No, That Isn't My Kid

Hi, gang. It's been a Girl Scout weekend.

Yesterday was my daughter's turn to hawk $4 boxes of cookies in front of a local grocery store. So your hero accompanied her, as Marie assaulted innocent, but cookie-less, people on their way into the place.

Some nice guy came over and said he didn't want any cookies, but gave us $20 and told us to give a box to the next 5 senior citizens who came out of the store. It was a kind thing to do. So I called Marie over, and explained it to her.

A minute later an elderly lady came out, and Marie attacked. She handed the woman a box of Thin Mints, and loudly said "Here! You win these cookies free, because you're really old!"

I tried to pretend I didn't know her, and wasn't successful.


Jen said...

I'm cracking up.......gotta love kids.

Jess said...

Love it! I have two step kids and an adopted daughter who is blind and profoundly MR. My stepson loves to see people with special needs, but the last time we did he made it a point to let them know that he was sorry, but they were not nearly as retarded as his sister. I could have cracked up or kicked his behind, either one.

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