Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Patient Of The Month Award

I suppose I should have a patient of the year award, but since I've only been doing this for a week I'll start with a patient of the month.

The winner is (drumroll): Bill and friends!

Bill is a pleasant 90 year-old fellow who's blind in one eye and has severely impaired vision in the other. He's also mildly demented.

Because of the vision and cognitive issues, I sent him for a driving evaluation last month, which he failed miserably. So he lost his license.

So today he had a follow-up appointment. He came in to my office (which is pretty small) with a bunch of friends from the VFW (like 8-10 of them). All were well over 80 and were wearing their VFW hats. All came to give me glowing testimonials as to what a wonderful driver Bill is (I suspect he's the chauffer for the group).

My favorite line: "Doc, Bill drove a tank all over Germany. He's perfectly safe".


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't any of this stuff happen when I am there?
I miss all the fun!

Thanks for the laugh Dr. G.

emmme said...

ha ha ha ha

seriously, it's funny doc..

Jen said...

Gotta give him credit for coming up with a plan B.

Anonymous said...

LOL. "And in what decade did this tank driving occur? oh, 1942, is that right? Well...that changes *everything*"

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