Monday, April 9, 2018

Mary's desk

Lady comes in, stands at counter.

Mary: "Hi, can I help you?"

Lady: "I'm here for my blood draw."

Mary: "We don't do labs draws here... Are you one of Dr. Grumpy's patients?"

Lady: "No, I'm enrolled in the research study, and was told I needed to have my blood drawn."

Mary: "Oh, okay. You're looking for the research center. They're 2 doors down the hall. Just go out  and take a left."

Lady: "You know, you people don't make it very easy to participate in your studies. I mean, I drove all the way here from south Grumpyville, and now you're refusing to draw my labs."

Mary: "You're not in the right office for that, ma'am. It's 2 doors down the hall, on your left. They have a big sign that says "Medical Research."

Lady: "Who is in charge here?"

Mary: "Uh, Dr. Grumpy."

Lady: "I want you to know I'm reporting your unhelpful attitude to him. Getting here on time wasn't easy."

Mary: "But..."

Lady: "Have a nice day."

Walks out.


bobbie said...

If Mary isn't already earning what you are, she should be!!! (If not more!)

Anonymous said...

"Stupid git."

Packer said...

I would have drawn blood with the letter opener

Anonymous said...

Has Mary considered handing out a little card stating, "This is the office of Dr Grumpy and Mary and Annie and Eddie the Fish" If you don't want to talk with any of us, you're in the wrong place"? (On the reverse, a copy of the Serenity Prayer)

Anonymous said...

Mary should have told her to take a number and they are two doors down to the left.

John Woolman said...

There may be another side to this; I’ve volunteered to be a research subject and then been asked to attend for a blood draw at an awkward time with a gnostic guide on how to get there. Doesn’t do much for one’s mood on arrival. But that’s no excuse for rudeness,

Me said...

Mary should've taken a red pen & then drawn some blood cells on a piece of paper, preferably with your practice's letterhead . Then directed the woman to the medical research office.

I'm going to guess my idea, above, would be nearly impossible to execute without breaking up in laughter. And I agree with the other commenters. You are not paying Mary nearly enough. No matter what she earns, you should at least double it.

Anonymous said...

What is the MATTER with people?? There is no excuse for this.

Nurse Lilly said...

This is normal nowadays. Welcome to the United States of Rudeness.

Edelnickel said...

I wonder what that medical research was about...

Candi said...

Do you put all this stuff on a list so when it comes time to figure out raises, you remember all the good stuff she does and all the bad stuff she patiently handles, and make sure she gets the maximum amount?

More seriously, I think there might be a couple things here:

Lady wanted to complain about something. Either just to complain, or she's someone who, when she has a bad day, wants someone (or everyone) to feel as rotten as she does.

Or, Lady doesn't actually want to participate in the study, but wants some benefit of participating, and plans to call or email and tell them that the office was unhelpful, no one would sign her in, they wouldn't draw the labs, blah blah blah. The tiniest bit of investigation will show she never showed, and a bit more will show where she really was (especially if she mentions Dr. G by name), but people like that generally don't think this things through, especially in any detail.

HeatherLynn said...

poor Mary! I know how she feels, where I work, nobody ever really comes to (court of appeals) as we're the administrative office, so most all dealings with people comes in the form of filings which get filed at the Clerk of Courts offices and forwarded to us, however, we're in the same building as the board of elections (downstairs) and prosecutor's office (upstairs), Sooooooo my day consists of saying the following: "Oh, you want to file charges, one more floor up!" and "Go back in the elevator and hit the LL button to take you down to the Board of Elections" But I've had people ask me to take their ballots and take it to the board of elections FOR them. I've had people call here and ask for the prosecutor's office or board of elections, and when I tell them we're in the same building, however we do not share telephone lines and I cannot simply "patch them through" they get all pissy like it's somehow my fault that not all businesses share a phone system. It's like calling Little Ceasars and asking them to transfer them to the Domino's store!

Ughhh.....some people!

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