Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday reruns

Last week

Mary: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Mary."

Mrs. Freek: "Yeah, this is Ima Freek, I need to make a follow-up appointment with you. I saw Dr. Grumpy 8 years ago, and need to come back."

Mary: "Okay, hang on... You're not in our system. Are you sure you were here?"

Mrs. Freek: "Of course. I remember your lobby, with all the golf posters, and the golf clubs on the walls."

Mary: "Oh, that's not us. That's Dr. Darth down the street. Let me give you his number."

Mrs. Freek: "No, that's okay, I'm fine seeing a different doc. Can I come in next week?"

Mary: "Sure. Tuesday at 3:00. See you then."

This week

Mrs. Freek: "Hi, I'm here for my appointment. What happened to your lobby?"

Mary: "Nothing. It's been this way for years."

Mrs. Freek: "What did you guys do with all the golf stuff?"

Mary: "We never had that. I told you, that's Dr. Darth down the street."

Mrs. Freek: "Wait a minute... You mean the golf-club doctor isn't here?"

Mary: "No. I told you that on the phone. You said you wanted to come in, anyway."

Mrs. Freek: "I can't believe you misrepresent yourself as part of another office!"

Mary: "Ma'am, I explained that..."

Mrs. Freek: "I'm leaving! This is criminal!"

(storms out, comes back a minute later)

Mrs. Freek: "Hey, I left my cell phone at home. Can you call Dr. Darth to see if he has an opening this afternoon?"


Unknown said...

Mary needs one of those 1950's movies sci-fi vaporizing guns. No mess to clean up afterwards and the world is a better place. If I see one on eBay, I'll send you a tweet, Dr. G.

Packer said...

Let's all analyze where this went wrong.

Mary tried to be helpful by identifying other Doctor and lobby decoration.

There you have it.

Mow how do we prevent this from happening again. The solution.
Fire Mary for being too helpful.

stacey said...

Yes, fire Mary.
But first, give her a big raise.

Anonymous said...

once again... their name is legion

Anonymous said...

It must be very scary to be Mrs. Freek. Can you imagine living with her?

evodevo said...

I think Ms. Freek needs to see a psychiatrist ....

Anonymous said...

I think Mrs. Freek and Mrs. Clueless are the same person.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, both you and Mary are better off without that one as a client!

Anonymous said...

Was she there to see the golf clubs or the doctor? We may never know. We may not care enough to ever really know.

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