Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Dr. Hospital: "Hello?"

Dr. Grumpy: "Hi, this is Ibee Grumpy."

Dr. Hospital: "Uh, okay. Why are you calling me?"

Dr. Grumpy: "Well, you wrote a note in Mrs. Seizure's chart this morning, saying you wanted to discuss her case with me before sending her home."

Dr. Hospital: "Oh, I didn't really mean for you to call me. I just wrote that to cover my ass."


--Sunrise-- said...


jimbo26 said...

Hhhhmmmmmmmmm .

Unknown said...

I take it you did force him to discuss the case with you or correct that note, right? Otherwise if anything happens to this patient, the fingers will be pointed at you.

Anonymous said...

that is so not funny.

webhillizzy said...

So did you discuss the case? Or did you write a note along the lines of "spoke with Dr. Hospital at 0400 on 1/30/2013 regarding Mrs. Seizure. Dr. H stated that he in fact did not need to speak to me, and only wrote that he did in order to cover his ass." Because I would LOVE it if you did the latter. Truly.

Old MD Girl said...

What the hell? So if something bad happens to the patient, does he get to sic the lawyers on you too?

skidmark said...

@webhilizzy -

Dr. Grumpy "can't" (is not allowed to) write that note. However, he can chart something like: "Contacted Dr. Hospital at 0400 1/30/13. Dr Hospital stated that consultation was no longer necessary as discharge plan had been written 1625 1/29/13."

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Skidmark's suggestion is fabulous on 2 counts. 1) politely covers Ibee's butt 2) ensures hospitalist team will try to avoid Ibee as a consultant in the future. Bad for patients, more sleep for our hero!

Packer said...

Welll while I have you on the phone, what is the deal with the Deer Antler Extract RX.

Go Ravens.

Hospital Dr. Scratching head thinking wow, someone actually reads these things. That's a first.

Jenn said...

Translated: "To cover the fact that I am an ass."


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