Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nothing changes on New Year's Day

Dr. Grumpy: "This is Dr. Grumpy, returning a page."

Mr. Call: "Yeah, I was in ER this morning, and they told me I should call your office for an urgent appointment."

Dr. Grumpy: "Okay, we're closed today for the holiday. If you call back tomorrow you'll be able to talk to Mary, my secretary, and she'll get you in."

Mr. Call: "But they said it's urgent. Can I come in today?"

Dr. Grumpy: "We're closed."

Mr. Call: "So? Can't you meet me at your office? Or a Starbucks or something?"

Dr. Grumpy: "No. If you have a serious emergency, you'll have to go back to ER."

Mr. Call: "It's not a serious emergency. I just want to be seen today."

Dr. Grumpy: "Sir..."

Mr. Call: "I'm reporting you to the state board!" (hangs up)


Hyperion said...

Lol.. whatta jackass. I wonder what the state board would say to him when (if at all) he calls them up. "Sorry, we're closed today"! Hahahaha!

Officer Cynical said...

They're closed for the holiday.

Moose said...

"I'll have a non-fat, triple foam, extra whipcream, decaf girly coffee drink and a neurology exam."

"Yes, sir. Did you want that for here or to go?"

Anonymous said...

So if anyone is still wondering why docs hate patient satisfaction surveys . . .

Anonymous said...

Yessir, for $1 mil/year I will be your private, 24/7 physician, better than any mob-doc....otherwise behave appropriately, and please - go stand in the "appreciation for delayed satisfaction is sign of mature mind" check in line... instead of "take my doll and go home".... sigh

Packer said...

Medical Definitions:

Extreme Emergency---Means now
Critical means within a few hours
Urgent means tomorrow or the next day and my favorite

Manana ( which means at some future unspecified time--not tomorrow as Anglos believe)

Silliyak said...

It's SO unfortunate that you don't have any openings for.....6 months?

Ms. Donna said...

Nothing ever changes. You did mention the lady in hte ER w/ symptoms of stroke that you were dropping everything to go see?

Just asking.

Jaxxy said...

Didn't anyone inform you that the world revolves around this one patient? lol

medizynicus said...

Same old story, happens every day. But it also works the other way:
Patient turns up in ER with a minor ailment which has been going on for 3 weeks: "My GP just told me to go to hospital..."

Anonymous said...

Well, now, he should've been on the evening news and be seen by everyone for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand why, when people receive the so-called "worst service ever", they still manage to return over and over again. Dude, if its *that bad* then perhaps he should pick another doctor. Somehow I don't think ole grumpy Uak-man's going to hold a grudge. More like a "may the door hit ya here the good lord split ya" would be his response.

MDaisy said...

Not the best way to start a doctor patient relationship.

Some how the words trust and respect were forgotten.

SKJ said...

Why is your name Dr. Grumpy?

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