Sunday, December 23, 2012

Skool Nerse Page

This is Mrs. Grumpy, announcing that I now have my own page on the site, compiled from my posts.

You can find it down in the right sidebar, or click here.


CrayonEater said...

Welcome! No wonder you and Dr. Grumpy get along so well! You're both wonderfully cynically hysterical.

lynda t said...

Yay, I hoped this would happen, Ms.Grumpy! You are 3 funny!

quixote said...

Comments don't seem to be enabled there, so I'll thank you here. Your posts are always among my favorites!

Petunia said...

Great posts, Nurse Grumpy! But you DID overlook one thing in the vintage safety booklet posts...those kids with the guns and ammo lying around also had LASSIE right there to perform emergency surgery for the inevitable gunshot wounds. So it's okay that the guns and ammo were left out!

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