Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back to the Future

This afternoon we took the kids to see Toy Story 3. And, of course, the obligatory previews.

Watching the previews (and the movie), there were 2 themes that seemed remarkable:

1. Digital animation and special effects get more awesome every year.

2. Our music tastes in movie soundtracks are still living in the 1970's and 1980's.

It's not like they've stopped making music since the mid-80's. Maybe using these soundtracks increases the appeal to adults (I'm not complaining, believe me. Just making the observation). Maybe it's all they can think of. Maybe it's cheap. But consider:

Toy Story 3 (itself a franchise 15 years old, which is really hard for me to believe) features the songs "Dream Weaver" (Gary Wright, 1976) and "Le Freak" (Chic, 1978).

Movies shown in the previews included the upcoming animation flicks:

Alpha and Omega, about 2 wolves, featuring "Hungry Like the Wolf" (Duran Duran, 1982).

Megamind about a superhero and his arch-foe, featuring "Highway to Hell" (AC/DC, 1979)

Not only that, as if the 1980's revival thus far of 2010 (The A-Team, Clash of the Titans, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Karate Kid) isn't enough, movies coming out in the rest of 2010 include:

Tron- Legacy (original Tron, 1982) which will feature Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges again.

Red Sonja (Original Red Sonja, 1985) which I'm assuming will not feature Arnold Schwarzenegger this time.

And even more frightening, 2011 is bringing us a new Smurfs movie.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising. The late 90s, early 00s were 70s revival after all. Little original comes out of Hollywood.

Ladyk73 said...

omg the smurfs.... they must want some of that avatar action...both are blue creatures living in the forest...right?

felixkasza said...

Come on. Do you really want some third-rate criminal to produce some rap-rhymed mental flatulence about the "hos" and spinners on his ride? Be grateful that they are warming over the 80s stuff, instead of going back to the hippies.

Dragonfly said...

The A-Team remake was awesome...haven't seen the original.
But re the smurfs, as long as it isn't Avatar. I really did not like it...

Kat's Kats said...

Clothes are next!! I can remember while costuming one of my dad's plays (he's retired from teaching now) the kids were all starting to wear bell bottoms. Their chins all hit the ground when I said something about my jeans having looked the same when I was in 7th grade... back in... what?... '73? ::snicker::

Oh! Oh! I get to "login"! ::grin::

Tex said...

Mr. Miyagi is rolling in his grave.

Li'l Azathoth said...

For a lot of Gen Xers, it's like getting to relive your high school years, only this time with money and a car and social skills and better hair. And just wait- a few more years, and cute cartoon animals in kiddie films will be singing "Black Hole Sun" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Maybe when they make the sequel to "Ratatouille," they'll use "Bullet with Butterfly Wings."

Moose said...

I haven't seen the A-Team remake yet but the trailer looked good. I was a HUGE fan of the original. In it's heyday my mom would always call me at 8pm on a Tuesday night because she knew I'd be home, "watching your hero, Mr T". Dang skippy.

I was never a fan of the original Karate Kid but I've heard that the new one is actually well done and a little less cheesy than the original (which, face it, was 95% American-cheese-food-slices individually wrapped in plastic). And I'm sorry but Jackie Chan can whoop Miyagi's butt any day. :-P

The trailer for Tron Legacy also looks awesome.

[Today's Captcha word is: bationol. I am not bationol about my media preferences.]

Barb said...

Well, at least our kids will now know what a smurf is, right?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

As if we don't already have enough POS Happy Meal toys.

Anonymous said...

yeah, thank god they're not using current pop music. do you really want to hear ke$ha badly talk-singing about booze and boys for the 95th time today?

Anonymous said...

It's a sign we're growing older when we can say, 'oh, no, not that again' and not be oohing and ahing about it as if it's just been released. My kid was saying he's crazy about the 80's so looked over lists of pop from that time and cannot even stomach the thought of introducing him to muskrat Sam. back in the high life, or the captain of her heart, although I wouldn't mind hearing Down Under, Alan Parsons, or Wang Chung very, very occasionally.

ERP said...

I know a doctor that would be perfect for the role of "Gargamel" in the Smurfs.

Classof65 said...

You know you're getting old when:

*you can sing along with the background music in the elevator or in the grocery store;

*cops look young!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe you ought to play Rock Band. And, if you want more Shriekback let me know. I was quite impressed with your music post.

Sarah Glenn said...

Saw the film 'Grownups' with the grandson over the weekend. Talk about bad music from the late Seventies!

The humor was lowbrow too... but I like lowbrow in humor.

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