Thursday, May 21, 2020

My readers write

My colleague, Dr. O, writes:

"I’m in the breakfast line at the hospital cafeteria, because today is the one day of the week they offer the decent ham and cheese scramble. But the line is being held up by this person who is leaning over the sneeze guard, mask open, near the pre-made croissants (which thankfully are wrapped). He’s complaining to the staff.

What COULD be the problem? Did he find a hair in something? Was something raw? Was he concerned that his sausage came from a Tyson plant??

Fuck no. This guy was complaining that there was a typo on the menu. And spent ten minutes pointing this out. Being a psychiatrist I was terrified this was going to be a consult before I could have my morning Coke."


Moose said...

There's an old saying in academia: Bozo + PhD = GOD

I'm sure you can substitute MD for PhD

Ms. Donna said...

OCD much. Or could have been a copy editor in a past life.

gloriap said...

In our currant Bizarro World it is sad to think this guy has nothing else to complain about. Maybe OCD Stupidity is one symptom of COVID onset?

Officer Cynical said...

Perhaps a trip to orthopedic surgery will calm him down.

Mad Jack said...

I wouldn't know what to think. If Officer Cynical was around I'd request he deploy his Tazer and, well, problem solved.

As reality sets in, why did the staff tolerate this loony-tune form more than ten seconds? So there's a typo, so what? You're holding everyone else up. Move along.

Packer said...

It should have been explained that the proper spelling should have been GFY, and henceforth it will always be GFY

Anonymous said...

You should have your psychiatry colleague guest write more often. This entry was well-written and I bet they have tons of stories to tell!

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