Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stand-up COVID comedy

Today Marie and I went out for a walk.

After several blocks we came to a police crew cleaning up an intersection from an accident. The damaged cars were already gone, but there were a few guys sweeping up car debris and measuring distances.

One officer was filling out paperwork and Marie asked him what happened.

Without looking up he said "someone coughed on the road, that's all."


Anonymous said...

Officer Cynical? :D
We've missed you. Hope you're well.

FrankC said...

Officer should have said - "They didn't keep their social distance."

Anonymous said...

FrankC, the winning comment for these comments.
Very funny that it is.

Aspiritualjunkie said...

That is quite a savy response.

Officer Cynical said...

This can't be a true story. Everyone knows it's Fire's job to clean up.

@Anonymous 4:36 PM: Thank you! I'm hanging in there. Bored, but well.

jono said...

In a related story, traffic has been cut in half in Minnesota, but accidents have doubled. Go figure.

Shash said...

If only. Probably another drunk driver. Auto insurance claims are up.

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