Monday, October 21, 2019

I'll tell you where you can put your shoe

Here's another great computer chart system. When you order a shoe for someone who just had foot surgery, it gives you a list to pick where the shoe should be worn:

Thank you, J!

"I should do WHAT with it?"


Ms. Donna said...

Saw anal sphincter. That is where the shoe should go on the programmer

cj said...

I'm speechless! At any angle of the mouth. Just no.

Brian said...

I see the place the writers of that program need to have a shoe placed - 3rd from the bottom.

Fleance Porschley Neckradish said...

"This wasn't what I was expecting when I ordered a penis pump."

Anonymous said...

Love that photo of the comedian listening to 'the Shoe'. Can you believe that phones once looked like those men's business black size 11?

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