Friday, September 22, 2017


Back in medical school, me and my roommate (Enzyme) had a classmate named Cheetah.

Cheetah lived in our apartment building, and had this phobia of being locked out of her car. Hey, we all have our issues, I get that.

Anyway, Cheetah decided she could trust us (bad mistake), so gave us an extra key to her car. That way, if she did get locked out, she could come get it from us.

So, over the next 4 years, every now and then we'd go out and move her car at night. We didn't actually take it anywhere. Just moved it a few spaces over... or into the opposite row... not very far away, but enough to make her come out and say "huh?"

We did this maybe 2-3 times a month. We'd only hear about it in passing, usually her mumbling about how tired (or drunk) she must have been when she'd gotten home the previous night.

This went on for 4 years. She asked for her key back the day after graduation, never once having been locked out of her car.

We didn't dare tell her.


Tony "Tone" Vega said...

Oh my God, that was messed up! Yet funny!

Ms. Donna said...

*Snort! Chortle! Guffaw!* That was mean. Funny as all get out, but mean.

My mother said med students were the worst for practical jokes.

I hope "Cheetah" is a dermatologist, radiologist or whatever specialty you and Enzyme envy.

Packer said...

Never mind the keys, why the nickname, Was Cheetah fast ?

Anonymous said...

She might have seen you move the vehicle the first time you and Enzyme did and since you passed the test of looking out for her car figured she might be safe on campus. I've heard about some of those med students.

Jono said...

I love college humor. That is so typical and hilarious.

Moose said...

You're a very, very bad man.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

However: Every time your children do something that makes you smack your head, remember that they have YOUR GENES... and it shows.

Mad Jack said...


Man, that's rich!

Kerlyssa said...

our drunkass neighbor used to leave his car in gear when he toddled home, so me and a friend would push it into the lowest spot in the aprking lot to avoid trouble. i always wondered if he ever noticed

tbunni said...

So you were out drumming up business even before you got your shingle up?

zed said...

FOUR YEARS!! WTH?! Poor woman

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