Friday, July 29, 2016

Random pictures

Okay, time to hit the mail bag for stuff you guys have sent in:

First is this book:

Mike writes in:

1. Is the guy at the top whacking off?

2. Isn't this sort-of racist?

Then we have this unusually comfortable looking external hard drive:

Another bad day for the photo-caption editor:

The name does not inspire confidence in this place's cleanliness:

This sign at Home Depot, which makes it sound like they're afraid of psychiatrists:

This car:

Jay says this sign is outside the orthopedic ward at her hospital:

"It's a total joint center, dude... totally."


Mark In Mayenne said...

Isn't the book title self - contradictory?

Anonymous said...

So random. So randomly hilarious. The orthopedic ward supplies the whole shebang including the respiratory monitors, eh?

Packer said...

Very amusing all. Especially enjoyed FBI surrounds Oregon occupiers. Supplied a much needed laugh after a week of political convention.

Anonymous said...

The 'FBI surrounds' photo gaffe reminds me of a photo recently in the 'Features' section of our local newspaper. It seemed that since the deadline for preparing an article on the selected topic had passed, and the deal with the accompanying photo fell through, the writer still had to come up with something to fill the assigned placement of an appropriate photo. So, the reader was treated to a nice, but totally irrelevant photo, and a nicely worded apology.

Anonymous said...

The book looks like a how-to for fluffers.

Anonymous said...

Look, it's hard to roll your own if you're having orthopedic problems.

Anonymous said...

Don't order the chapulines.

Mage said...

Lovely stuff.

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