Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun With Alcoholics

I got woken up this lovely Sunday to do a hospital consult. So I slugged down a Diet Coke and dragged myself in.

It was a guy in alcohol withdrawal (or "DT's" as we say in the medical biz).

Normally I'm used to these guys seeing bugs or animals crawling all over, but today I got something, uh, different.

I went into the patient's room. He was tied down to the bed (they usually are until they start to clear).

He thought he was at a pizza joint!

He offered me pizzas of various types, thick and thin crust, various toppings. As we talked he flirted with an imaginary waitress and spoke to imaginary friends that were going in and out of the restaurant.

He also kept asking if someone would bring him some Parmesan cheese and (of course) another pitcher of beer.


pharmacy chick said...

so what kind of pizza did you order?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Sausage and onion. He then picked up his TV remote and told it to bring me a slice.

Brother Frankie said...

adds popping up over blog.. well that sux..

good blog tho

Grumpy, M.D. said...

You shouldn't get pop-up windows. I don't have it set for those. Do you have pop-ups blocked?

I have no pop-ups at all. I hate them. I have no idea how you're getting them.

The Hatchling said...

A guy I treated on my surgery rotation last fall went into DTs and thought his Foley bag was a Beer Ball

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Oh, that is just so wrong. I hope he didn't drink out of it.

I've seen DT patients mistakenly drink out of their urinal jugs before, when I worked VA.

Anonymous said...

One guy took his gentamicin IV piggyback syringe off the infusion pump and drank it unattended when I was working at a city hospital. (He might have just had AD though and not DT's) I'm surprised with the stink of that antibiotic he didn't find the taste too offensive to consume in entirety.

Nah, nothing that exciting at the VA. I just observed 'tapping' a belly of a very jaundiced patient while a resident pharmacist there.

Too bad generic kudzu costs so much at health food stores. I'd bake it in brownies and send it to alcoholic loved one every week, special delivery, if it helped decrease alcohol addiction.

Chick Pea (pharmacist)

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