Monday, December 29, 2008

Patient gifts

The following was posted on Sermo (a physician chat room and message board) yesterday. It is not from me, but it's a good story, so I thought it was worth putting here. I've edited some of the "doctor talk" and length.

"An unusual gift from a patient.

"Two weeks ago a grateful patient on whom I have performed surgery gave me a nicely wrapped present after thanking me profusely for having helped him so much.

"When I got home and opened it, I found a sandwich baggy with a small quantity of marijuana and a thank you note!!!

"I called him the next day and told him this was not appropriate and probably illegal and I wanted to return the "gift". He reassured me that it's perfectly OK because he is on prescription marijuana (I have no idea why) and I should keep it. It's not easy to talk to him and he is not due back in the office for a few months."

After reading that story all I could think about was those crappy hand-shaped cookies the physical therapy place dumped on me a few weeks ago.

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Soccer Mom In Heels said...

this is hilarious~ i would take the hand-shaped cookies any day.

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