The History Lectures

For the other history buffs out there, I present my collection of previously published history lectures. Some of the subjects are well-known, others obscure. But all have caught my interest and I hope you enjoy them.

The Love Boat- 1863

The most famous ship you've never heard of

"The most baffling mystery" in U.S. Navy history 

The lost Goodwin family
The day the music died

The New England / S.S. Portland Gale of 1898

The Mad Hatter and his neurologist

The mysterious megaton explosion of 1908

The lawyer from South Dakota who changed WWII

The Great Lake they call Gitche Gumee

Women and children last- the sinking of the S.S. Arctic
The flying aircraft carriers

The forgotten Empress of Ireland

The noiseless flash- August 6, 1945

The tragedy of the Princess Sophia

Halloween Stories- The Hopkinsville Goblins 

Veterans' Day, 2010- My grandfather

The Ghost Ship Baychimo

The Halifax harbor explosion  

The American and Canadian camel experiment 

The Amazing Flying Amy Johnson 

2 minutes to Armegeddon 

The Illegal Basketball game of 1944

The Last Concert - April 14, 1912

The Johnstown Flood - May 31, 1889

The Civil War Commando

The Hiding Bonhomme Richard

The forgotten dead of the troopship Leopoldville

The Dyatlov Pass Incident 

An Entire Ship Made of Ice

100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking

The forgotten invasion of June, 1944 

Sergeant Stubby: The dog warrior of WWI

The Greatest Prank Ever

The Day Nazi Germany Conquered Winnipeg
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