Monday, August 13, 2018

Annie's desk

Annie: "Dr. Gumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mr. Consultant: "Hi, I saw Dr. Grumpy last week, and he told me to increase my dose of Flookadook from once a day to twice a day, and it hasn't helped my symptoms at all."

Annie: "Okay, did the increase cause any side effects?"

Mr. Consultant: "No. Why would it cause side effects? I'm still taking it once a day, and haven't had any problems with it."

Annie: "But you said you increased the dose to twice a day?"

Mr. Consultant: "No, I said Dr. Grumpy told me to do that. I didn't say I had."

Annie: "So..."

Mr. Consultant: "Anyway, my symptoms aren't any better. Can you please ask Dr. Grumpy what I should do?"


Officer Cynical said...

Throw Yourself Off A Tall Building
40 mg

jono said...

Maybe if he tells you to increase it to three or four times a day there might be some improvement.

Anonymous said...

Another fine example of why I can't stand working with the public. My hat is off to all of you who endure this on a daily basis!

Astrolabe Silverwax said...

"It's the latest bestselling self-help book: 'Make All Your Important Life Decisions by Asking Your Doctor What to Do, Then Do the Exact Opposite.' Which reminds me that I'm torn between Hawaii and New York for my next vacation. What does Dr. Grumpy think?"

Ms. Donna said...


Anonymous said...

meanwhile this genius probably is married, has children... and i can't even get a text back.

Anonymous said...

"And let me know whether this time he says 'Simon says.'"

Anonymous said...

Maybe doc didn't send a new rx to the pharmacy, so I ran out before I could do that, and insurance said it was too early, and pharmacy said they couldn't refill it because doc didn't send a new rx with the new directions, so they are waiting on something that could've been done a week ago...hint hint nudge nudge from your local rph

Anonymous said...

Is it like when the patient comes up to the pharmacy counter on the first Monday of the month and wants the young pharmacist to discuss sleep aid product in aisle three, and after enumerating benefits of this or that drug and advising that the issue might be better evaluated by a physician who's familiar with the patient conditions, the patient/customer doesn't even bother to say thanks, and grabs a bottle of valerian boldly advertised on an end-cap of the next aisle over in herbal products near the toothpaste?

Packer said...

I have just come through successful surgery where they were finally able to remove the palm of my right hand from my forehead.

Anonymous said...

Doc! I haven’t done anything you told me to do and I still have symptoms! What do I do??


Ivan Ilyich said...

Reminds me of a line from The Two Black Crows vaudville routine:

“(The doctor) told me to take one pill three times a day, but you can’t do that.”

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